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VU+ Plugins Streaming IPTV X-Streamıty 2.58

update 22.02.2020
1.0006 ver

Removed config font out of dreamos skin file. (will revert to installed skin font)

Added in the code to make series stream play

Added in the dependants python-image, python-imaging, python-argparse into the control file (this might cause more problems if not in image feeds)

Channel reverts back to original on exitting plugin.

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update 22.02.2020

This might fix the exit crash on some images. It might not.

If it doesn't I will load up openvix and pure2 later and check my code on them.

I am not to familiar with this iPlayableService component, but I got it working on jedi catchup. So should be able to work it out.

Got a few things to do now, so will be back shortly.

thank KiddaC

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So what have I been doing today.

Firstly I have renamed some files - so be aware of this when manually uploading.

I still cant work out why that timer caller back code is failing on dreambox.

Its the exact same code I am using in Jedi and used on multiple other plugins.

I have slightly changed the order of the call, but still don't think its going to fix it.

Added in zap up and down using CH+, CH- buttons.

Nicked all Lulullas XC-Plugin code for seeking.
Bloody hard work looking at all that infobar seek code and trying to work out what it is actually doing.

So videos should now be seekable, ff, rewind etc. Unfortunatley no infobar at the moment, so you will be doing this blind.

Press ff/rw, the press play when done.

Long press ff to jump in minutes.

Just proof of concept at the moment to see if I could get it working.

Whats to do...

Infobars skin and elements.


Nearly there. But then people will start asking for loads of extra bloat to add this simple plugin.

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OK last chance saloon. If this doesn't work, I haven't got a clue how to fix dreamboxes.

Tweaked some more of the skin files.

Slightly altered the code for element

Used boxbranding/owibranding for picking up dreamboxes for the download. If they both fail it should just download with out a mini delay.

Peed off tonight because of these stupid dreamboxes, wasting most of my day.

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Right, had to re-write half of this to try and fix the bugs mentioned above.

I have also had to change the plugin folder from X-Streamity to XStreamity (so once installed you probably want to delete X-Streamity folder.

Any callable function with a parameter has been changed to a bound function. So this should fix the crashes mentioned above.

Also amending the file to use the same dreambox check and bound functions.

So all should be good.

See how we get on with this one for nightmarebox

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Let fix things bit by bit. Lot going on at the moment.


if self.session.nav.getCurrentlyPlayingServiceorGroup():
if self.session.nav.getCurrentlyPlayingServiceReference():
as dreambox doesn't seem to have the former.

Fixed the incorrect folder path from X-Streamity to XStreamity

added in some row stripes on EPG.

I will then see if I can fix this owibranding issue.

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Quick update to fix a potential crash if no playlists.txt file

Also added in the ratings value on VOD. I seemed to have missed it out when I coded that page up.

No infobars yet. I have been doing my research tonight instead. So I think I know what I am doing with them now so should be easy enough to implement

thank KiddaC

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X-Streamity 1.00021 Work in Progress (still not a finished release - no need to post it on any other forums - thanks)

90% done Live infobar for HD skin. Not SD

Large epg descriptions not scrolling yet. Don't know why.

Picon not included yet.

Icons not included yet.

Not 100% happy with this layout now I have seen it in action, so it will probably be changed a little.

But the elements are now coded up, so just a case of moving things around.

You do not have permission to view link Giriş yap veya üye ol.

And "TV" button now works if you want to quickly rotate through the stream types when playing. ie. 1,4097, 5002 etc

So you can see which one is quicker and plays better. All providers differ.

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Fixed lots of things today. Everything is now a litte bit smoother.

Fixed hbbtv crash

Added Jedi Playlist if exists

Changed infobar icon size

Infobar now auto hides on zapping, only stays if you press OK

Fixed "none type" crashes for slow and large lists.

Made the previously selected channel selection a little less jumpy.

Stopped badly playing streams going back to category list. Need to manually exit if bad stream.

I also have a few providers that are playing audio and not pictures. I need to investigate if that can be fixed. But they do the same thing in bouquets too.

I also got a provider that has got huge picons. That is causing lag in scrolling. Not a lot I can do about amateur providers.

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