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VU+ Plugins Streaming IPTV X-Streamıty 1.17


We are not too far off a proper first release now.

Still things to be done, still things to be fixed, still things to be tested, but very nearly there now.

A few of my large playlists are doing weird things at the moment that I need to iron out. So I am aware its not perfect yet.

So whats in this release.

Removed the top category list, replaced with mini TV.

Playing live streams - ok to preview, ok twice to play.

Vod Streams no preview, just play.

Vod Infobar now starting to take shape.

Plugin will now tell you if your playlist is not compatible.

Moving between the lists of categories should all now be alot smoother

Its feeling a little more polished this release.

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Slight amend to VOD infobar layout. Not finished yet as I am also going to add in a play state icon. And like lululla has done on xc plugin, put in the keypad shortcuts for jumping around.

Hopefully I have fixed invalid image bug

Changed backgrounds to pngs instead of jpgs. Hopefully fix some 4k skins screen issues (dreambox one).

Added in the category title to the vod and series categories pages. I was hiding it for some reason. No good if you got no stream information as you cant see long titles.

Increased the timeout for downloading categories to 30 seconds. I got one test provider that is fecking awful. If I paid for it, I would dump it.

You are not really going to use such a slow provider in real life, but the timeout has been increased anyway to factor in these bad apples.

Added in some more keymaps for dreambox owners that have limited remote control buttons.

TV, PVR, FAV all switch the stream type on the playing stream

EPG or TEXT switches between now and next on live categories EPGs.

I am now going to have to put a settings menu in. Not a 5 minute job that as it effects quite a bit of code. So that is coming shortly.

I will put it on the main screen, where currently the none working help button is.

Probably going to be along the lines of

Default Live Stream Type

Default Vod/Series Stream Type

Download Hi Res Covers

Preview Live Streams

Some streams are weird though. Some work better with dvb 1, some work better with IPTV 4097. Even differ from the same provider. So bare this in mind if some of your channels are black. Try a quick TV/Fav/PVR button press and change the stream type.

I might put in an audio button for audio switch for streams that have multiple audio. Dont know how to do that yet though.

And then we got catchup to plug in.

Thats it for tonight, so download and have a play. Same time tomorrow

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I think I have now fixed the sort and search going to the wrong links.

Seagen informed me my png compressor had corrupted some of my images for some builds. So they have been re done.

I have removed the off screen tv from the add/edit server for dreamos. That one slipped through the net.

Scrolling text now seems to be working on categories pages and infobars.

Although I did personally need to remove the xrunningtext.pyo from /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Renderer for mine to work correctly.

Changed the download delay for images to be 1 sec. It was 0.5 sec. So hopefully smoothing scrolling between categories.

Nothing new this release. Just amends.

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So what goodies we got today.

While you have all been sleeping me and the boys have been burning the candle both ends and fixing this plugin for openpli.

Stripped out any box checks and timers for the downloading of files. Causing a right lot of bother with empty lists.

So everything hopefully will play nicely with dreamos, openpli and maybe even vti

I don't think I need that code now. Only time will tell.

Fixed some empty list crashes.

IPTV can now be played even if no sat/cable tuned in.

Added in subtitles button on player - for subtitle selection

Added in audio button on player (or yellow button on some images) - for audio stream selection

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A day of experimenting with infobar yesterday.

Couldn't work out how to record.


New play state icons now in infobar.

New Audio stream availablity icon

New Subtitles available icon

Changed the way the infobar now works. Now works how you setup your general info bar.

Added in general settings on main page (Menu Button)

General bug fixes as mentioned in previous posts.

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I have 2 simple fixes and they are for DreamOS based images and VTI & Blackhole.

If you have any other images the files posted by KiddaC probably works just fine.

Upload the 2 skin files to folder


And all should work just fine for images named above

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This is the last official test release, this is the last official beta release.

This thread is going to be deleted tomorrow (or at least locked). And a new official release thread started.

Full screenshots, instructions etc etc.

Thanks for everyones help and assistance. And special thanks for the return of seagen. Your timing was perfect. Your knowledge and assistance helped me get over the final hurdle.

Only took just over 4 weeks, most of that was bug fixing. Not bad for someone that has limited enigma2 coding skills.

Still got catchup to add in. There will still be tweaks. But its ready enough to release properly to the public.

And that folks... is how you make a plugin. From mockups, to winging it, to testing, to a nearly finished product.


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Thanks to jonis666 for saving me a weeks worth of aggro. :thank_you2:

Opened my eyes to a problem I couldn't see for looking.

So whats new in this release.

Sort still breaks EPG and VOD info (fix coming next release)

Lots more xtream playlists should now load and play.

Slightly changed the picon/vod image downloads to be none blocking

A few other tweaks that I have forgotten about over the last few days.

This release is mainly for people who were having trouble with their playlist not working in this plugin.

(And I have just hacked out 3 days worth of code - so I might have brought in additional issues - we will see)

** lots changed code wise in this release - if manually uploading - upload ALL files. IPK and deb will be fine **

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OK lets see how we get on with this one. 1.0035

Fixed Search

Fixed Sort

Added in a new basic Black skin

Added in basic Parental control - based on a few select words in the categories.

If parental control turned on. "All" category will be classed as Adult. So pin required.

Setting page made a Protected Screen. Needs to be turned on in your boxes parental control screen. Protect Screens.

Added in File browser dialog on choosing playlist save location.

Added in a few more settings options.

  • Select skin
  • Display Live categories
  • Display Vod categories
  • Display Series categories
  • Parental Control
If only 1 main category, menu is skipped and goes straight into sub categories

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X-Streamity - Official Release.

V 1.10

So after a couple of months of development, and thanks to all the beta testers that have tested over 35 releases, we can now officially release my new IPTV player plugin.

Plugin is for playing official Xtream codes IPTV playlists.

This plugin does not contain any playlists or channels. All xtream playlists need to be sourced by user.

X-Streamity should be compatible with all images and boxes.

Note this plugin will not play m3u playlists.

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