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Güncel Chocholousek Picons updater (Enigma2 plugin)


Chocholousek picons - plugin for updating Chocholousek's picons in Enigma2 (all EU satellites)

  • The original intent for developing this plugin was to save free space on the device's internal disk. The plugin downloads a series of file archives (7-zip) with picons, for user-selected satellite positions. From the archives, the plugin unpacks only the necessary picons to the internal disk (depending on the service reference codes found in the "userboquet" files).
  • In the new version of the plugin you can choose the method of updating the picons:
    1. Copy all picons: Delete all current picons as first
    2. Copy all picons: Incremental update (copy only new picons or picons with different file size)
    3. Sync with TV channel lists (userbouquet files)
    4. Sync with TV+RADIO channel lists (userbouquet files)
  • If the 7-zip archiver is not found on the system, it will be attempted to install it in two steps:
    1. with package manager (i.e. attempt to install 7-zip from your Enigma feed server)
    2. or attempt to download a standalone 7za binary file from internet
  • Functionality is guaranteed and tested on Enigmas based on the following OE cores:
    1. OpenATV, OpenPLi, VTi, PurE2 - based on OE Alliance 4.x (OE 2.0)
    2. OpenDreambox, Merlin, DreamElite - based on OE 2.5, OE 2.6, ...

Unfortunately, not all picon styles exist for all resolutions or vice versa - not all resolutions exist for every picon style (background). All picon styles are available only in picon resolution 220x132 (which can be considered the most used).

Please test the plugin and report bugs.


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You do not have permission to view link Giriş yap veya üye ol.

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