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Yeni camofs


Vip Premium Üye
camofs 14.11

fix: Connection problems to the server on some boxes
fix: Error in alarm list, size of displayed images
fix: Problem with special characters in the password
changed: Setting connection type no longer necessary
changed: better password encryption (password not transferable to other box, enter new there!)
Changed: Improvements in authentication
changed: debug issues (partially extended / enhanced / private data masked except level 4)
for whom previously functioning camera (s) after the update have problems:
please check the passwords of the cameras / reset if necessary, and then save, restart the GUI

Thx @ shadowrider

Ekli dosyalar


Vip Premium Üye
camofs 14.40

Designation of the preview images can be switched off (images can be displayed slightly larger)
new: function via menu
Start / Stop quick preview updates
The visible thumbnails are updated as quickly as possible. Useful for example to permanently display the main image, but to allow permanent monitoring of the other cameras with the miniature images

Thx @ shadowrider