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Salimgbg kullanıcısının son içeriği

  1. Salimgbg

    Güncel New OpenDroid Images 6.6 Soon

    hoop it will be with 2630p/30 resulation for Vu+ Solo 4k.. Thank you so much
  2. Salimgbg

    VU+ Kodi Addons Kodi don't start on Vu+ Solo 4K with satdreangr image

    Efter i flash the vu+ solo 4k with the Sat-DreamGr image v5.0 i did install kodi(17.6) from enigma2 addons field. when i start it....nothing happend it takes some seconds and i back to the lise of plugins! any help please..abd Thanks in advance.
  3. Salimgbg

    Yeni SatDreamGr 5 Vu+ İmages

    thanks alot. the image is great just i can't use kodi on it! on VU+ solo 4K. it dosn't start at all....any help?
  4. Salimgbg

    ZZ Picons adam59

    please can you help me with zzpicon for Hotbird,Astre19,viasat and thor satelittes! thanks in advance
  5. Salimgbg


    Take any photo it should be in good quality HD i mean 1920 px/1280 px Rename it to splash_auto.jpg go to this side " " and make a resizing to costomer size 720px/480px and save it as BMP just rename it on windows or as i did on my mobile from splash_auto.bmp to...
  6. Salimgbg

    VU+ Plugins - Sport how to create splash_auto for Vu+ Solo 4k

    i did try to convert a photo to BMP file and renamm it to splash_auto.bin with (720/480) and (1280/720) and (1920/1080) one of them works but it didn't tok all tv's screen by me as in the pc if someoen can help me please convert it for me..thanks in advance
  7. Salimgbg

    VU+ Solo 4K Backup Images Vti 11.0.2 - Vu + Solo 4k BackUp (16-11-2017)

    Hello, just install this plugin and add what do you line on your image as oscam/ncam/gcam/mgcam lines and all you need then use a backup and save it . that's it
  8. Salimgbg

    VU+ Solo 4K Backup Images Vti 11.0.2 - Vu + Solo 4k BackUp (16-11-2017)

    Inställningar Tuner Tuner A --- Hotbird 13 B Astra 19,2 C Astra 23 D Thor 0.8W ********************* softcam Osam 11233 - conf-on / etc / TuxBox / config / oscam oscam 11377 - conf-on / etc / TuxBox / config / oscam oscam min 11342_e - conf-var / etc / TuxBox / config / oscam_e mina mgcamd...
  9. Salimgbg

    İptv Free BIG List VIP IPTV For All Sports Channels 03-11-2017 Non-Stop Non-Cut

    the file i downloaded can you chec the link please!
  10. Salimgbg

    NewCamd Lines Free (Tested) OK

    Thanks works very fine